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Many plaza will install the underground lamp or flood light in order to look good, but how much safe security index it have or is it have the risk of burns? Which is the best choice, the Halogen lamps or LED lamps?

In the plaza we always see the child touch the lights wondering if they could catch the light source and try to get clear what’s the difference between the other lamp. But is there any dangerous of burns? Or is there any security problems when they touch this? At present, Halogen lamp and LED lamp is installing. As reliable test data, LED lamps has low temperature when it’s  working, so it will not be scald. But the temperature of Halogen lamps will increase when it works, usually the temperature will over 100℃ result in the glass covering has burning sensation.

Green and pollution-free LED lights, with its advantages of long life, uniform brightness, low power consumption, and the surface temperature will not increase with the lengthening of lighting time, there is a certain safety index, has been well received by the majority of groups Favor.